Chemical Hoses

T509OE Acid Hoses

Chemical Suction & Discharge

T505OG Acid Hoses

Chemical S&D, XLPE Hose

T519OE Acid Hoses

Chemical S & D – Corrugated

Compressed Air Hoses


150 PSI FDA Hot Air Blower Hose

Hot Water Hose

T351LL Hoses

150 PSI White Wash Down Hose with Tapered

T350LL Hoses

White Cover Paper Mill Creamery Wash Down

FDA Dray Food Material Handling Hoses

T720LG Hoses

Bulk Food Suction and Discharge FDA Hose

T760LE Hoses

75 PSI Dry Bulk Food Discharge FDA Hose

T714LG Hoses

FDA Material Handling Hose

FDA Dray Food Material Handling Hoses

T740AA Hoses

1275 PSI High Performance Steel Reinforced Concrete Pumping Hose

Food Industry Hoses

T405LL Hoses

150 PSI White Food & Beverage Suction and Discharge Hose

T410LL Hoses

240 PSI Food & Beverage Suction and Discharge Hose

T422LH Hoses

Liquid Suction & Discharge Brewery Hose

Steam Hoses

T340AH/ AA Hose

270 PSI EPDM Steam Hose, Red or Black Cover

Water Suction Hoses

T223aa Hose

300 PSI EPDM Heavy Duty S&D Hose

Water Discharge Hoses

T352AA Hose

150 PSI EPDM Layflat Water Discharge Hose

Hot Water Hoses

T352AA Hose

75 PSI Radiator Hose

General Purpose Oil Resistant Service Hose
Redi-MOR Hose

Medium Oil-Resistant General Service Hose

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